A wonderful example of open star cluster associated with irregularly-shaped reflection nebula.
Dominant blue colour in the "iris" surrounded by crazy dark clouds of space dust, it lies about 1300 light-years away from us.

Image Details
📷 Exposure (L, R, G, B)
L, bin 1, 80 x 120s, 35x 60s
R, bin 1, 100 x 120s
G, bin 1, 100 x 120s
B, bin 1, 100 x 120s

🔭 Equipment
Mount: RainbowAstro RST-150H 
Telescope: Refractor TS86SDQ
Camera: QSI 6120  (Sony ICX834 sensor) 
Guidescope: 130mm mini guide scope 
Guiding camera: StarShoot AutoGuider

💻 Software: 
(Windows 10) Sequence Generator Pro, PHD2, ASCOM drivers
(Mac OSX) PixInsight

Bright suburban light pollution, Class 6 of darkness in Bortle scale.
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