One of the most photographed regions of space, the equine silhouette of the Horsehead Nebula (B 33), its surrounding nebula (IC 434) and the Flame Nebula (NGC 2024).
Part of the larger Orion Molecular Cloud Complex, the hydrogen gas emits vivid red light in a process of ionising radiation from the nearby star.
The Flame Nebula is an emission nebula about 1200 light years away from Earth.
Image Details
📷 Exposure: (Ha, Lum, Red, Green, Blue)
Hα, bin 1, 35 x 300s
Lum, bin 1, 60 x 120s
Red, bin 1, 35 x 120s
Green, bin 1, 60 x 120s
Blue, bin 1, 60 x 120s

🔭 Equipment
Mount: RainbowAstro RST-135E 
Telescope: Refractor Borg 107FL f/3.9 Astrograph, aperture 107mm, 417mm focal length
Camera: QSI 6120 wsg (Sony ICX834 sensor) 
Filters: 8-positions filter wheel integrated in camera
Guidescope: NA (off-axis auto guider)
Guiding camera: QHY 5-II

💻 Software: 
(Windows 10) Sequence Generator Pro, PHD2, SkySafari, ASCOM drivers
(Mac OSX) PixInsight

Bright suburban light pollution, Class 6 of darkness in Bortle scale.
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